Join us here live from 6.30pm on Sunday 4th October

Running order

6.30pm – Duologues

Six duologues based on our Bourne to Write workshop, pre-recorded on Zoom and broadcast on the night

Go Home by Christine Diment, performed by Dan Avery & Fraser Wilson

Spy by Roy Chatfield, performed by Craig Phelps & Tori Deffee

Evanescent by Angela Jackson, performed by Alice Hudson & Dan Avery

End of Day by Debra Sweeney, performed by Sam Holland & Craig Phelps

Hydrangea by Linda Morse, performed by Fraser Wilson & Tori Deffee

The Trail by Sally O’ Shaughnessy, performed by Iona Johnson, Sam Holland &  Craig Phelps

7.00pm – Short Cuts

Five theatrical gems, filmed by Max Silver and live streamed on the night

Directed by Pete Talman, Andrew Thackeray & Sally Whyte

Feuding Families by Vivian Oldaker, performed by Dan Avery, Alice Hudson & Tori Deffee

In Your Head by Jonathan Edgington, performed by Alice Hudson, Alla Mills & Craig Phelps

It Isn’t You by Nicolas Ridley, performed by Craig Phelps & Alla Mills

Alternate by Kate Scott, performed by Alla Mills & Alice Hudson

The End by Pete Talman, performed by Tori Deffee, Craig Phelps & Dan Avery

8.15pm – The Monologue Mash

Eight monologues filmed by the actors, presented in two groups of four, hosted by Max Silver. You’ll have the chance to vote for your favourite!

Award Speech, performed by Celia Muir

Easy Life™, performed by Dan Avery

The Price of Firewood,  performed by Alice Hudson

Sammy’s Not There, performed by Craig Phelps

Emoji Face of the Year Award, performed by Andrew Perez

Pulled, performed by Celia Muir

Clumsy Clot, performed by Sam Holland

Abandoned, performed by Rachael Fagan

Join us here from 6.30pm on Sunday 4th October

Our talented actors

Our creatives

Bourne to Write workshop facilitator: Angie Street

Techno Wizard for the Fringe Online: Max Silver

Produced by Andrew Thackeray

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